Armadillo discount

If you’re a human rights activist or journalist please contact us to receive a discount on all Armadillo products.

We will work according to your needs and budget to deliver the best possible results. Our team are experts in mobile security and have been providing secure phones and communications for nearly a decade. We are an apolitical organization and believe everyone has the right to free and prviate speech. We welcome any customer as long as they are not promoting violence, genocide or ethnic superiority. Our partnership agreement also details other requirements and a list of organizations we will not do business with.

Why activists and journalists?

Activists and journalists are common targets for hacking operations by authoritarian governments. This is typically to locate them for arrest, abduction, torture or murder. The idea that anyone could be attacked creates a chilling effect that is cancerous for a just society. Even citizens of other countries living abroad can be targeted.

In 2021 the FBI disrupted an international kidnapping plot targeting Iranian activists around the world, including Masih Alinejad who was living in New York. The Iranian government had hired a private investigator and was tracking her location using apps installed on her phone. They planned to abduct her and take her to Venezuela via boat, then back to Iran. For journalists the story is similar: following the murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashogghi in 2018 by Saudi intelligence, it was revealed both Khashogghi and his wife’s phones were both infected with Pegasus spyware. Just recently his colleague was also arrested in Russia for criticizing the government online.

We believe that in order to provide the best impact for society we should be focusing our efforts on helping those who need mobile security most. Ironically it’s often the same people who have few resources to invest in their security, so we hope this discount can help with that.

  • Published on: Apr 14th, 2022