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Join the Team of Proud Armadillo Partners

Do you want to make the world a safer place, and get paid to do it?

The secure phone industry is rapidly growing, and businesses desperately need a solution. There is no product like Armadillo Phone which has the same level of security or breadth of features. We can offer you high margins, strong control of your customers, a responsive support system, the ability to run your own brand and even custom development.

Level 1: Reseller

Resellers are wholesalers who want to get a discount for selling large volumes, but don’t want to keep any inventory or handle the product themselves.

This is the easiest type of partner and requires no upfront cost or training.

Level 2: Distributor

Distributors manage their own hardware and technicians. Partners are provided with additional support, as well as an increased discount to increase their profits.

There is a small partnership fee and partners are vetted and trained before being approved.

Level 3: Independent

Become independent and get your own customized operating system, with your own brand and custom development. You can also get your own backend infrastructure to run independently of ours.

There is a large fee to becoming an independent partner. Independent partners pay for bulk licenses up front at a heavily reduced rate.