Armadillo Phone is a high-security smartphone, it's meant to provide world-class security and resist many types of common mobile attacks. It is not an "unhackable" phone, because there is no such thing. Any electronic device can be compromised, even one that's offline, buried underground and patrolled by armed guards. We offer no guarantee that in the tens of millions of lines of code there aren't any vulnerabilities. However, we do guarantee that we take our security seriously.

We never have access to data on your Armadillo Phone or the messages you send. Deniable encryption allows you to hide your data if you're forced to reveal a password. Multiple users can be used to create separate personas for different activities. Armadillo Phone's simple interface prevents you from making privacy mistakes. New apps are scanned for privacy risks before being installed. You can remotely manage and erase your Armadillo Phones yourself. Advanced anti-recovery tech protects your data even after it's been stolen.

We believe people should be able to use their phone without being spied on by their own apps. We've disabled all software from Google or third-parties that could compromise your privacy. Location data has been removed from all pictures you take. You can also disable your location entirely. Indicators show when your camera or microphone is on, or your device is uploading data. We don't sell or monetize data generated from using Armadillo Phones.

We assume any software can be compromised, including our own. That's why we offer the option to physically remove cameras and microphones.


Armadillo Servers are not trusted by Armadillo Phones. If an Armadillo Server is compromised, an attacker can't read your messages or files. You can choose to host your own Armadillo Server on your own network, so we never have access to your metadata. If our update server is compromised, it can't send malicious updates because they're digitally signed on an offline computer. There's no way for us to target specific users with malicious updates.

We assume all networks are intercepting your data, so we use multiple layers of encryption to protect it. Additionally, all communications are end-to-end encrypted. Your communications traffic is designed to resist mass surveillance by blending in with normal web traffic, this also helps Armadillo Phones bypass firewalls and censorship.


Consumers can make payment using a variety of methods, including cash, credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer, Bitcoin and Monero. We don't use analytics or Javascript tracking code. We don't store any cookies, besides the bare minimum required for the website to work (such as your preferred language and the contents of your shopping cart). You can access our website over Tor and we have a Tor hidden service available at https://armadilloybvtxg6.onion . We don't share our customer's personal information with any unnecessary third-parties, beyond what is legally required. The only third-parties with access to your transaction information are Ecwid (our e-commerce platform) and our payment processors; PayPal (when purchasing with PayPal), Stripe (when purchasing with credit/debit card), BitPay (for Bitcoin) and CoinToPay (for Monero).

We don’t make fake claims about an “unhackable” phone, because any phone could be hacked.

We offer the next best thing: a phone designed to be attacked. Armadillo Phone 2 is the most secure smartphone you can buy. We offer high-quality customer support via encrypted communication, our website and in person. We’re an honest company backed by real people ready to defend your digital privacy.