A phone case that protects you

Armadillo Armor is a phone case for your Armadillo Phone 2 that physically blocks the cameras and has integrated microphone jamming electronics. This jamming prevents the device from using its microphones to record you. The jamming electronics are controlled by a switch on the bottom of the case which can be turned on or off. If you want to take pictures or make a call, simply take your Armor off. Then put your Armor back on when you’re done. Rather than physically removing your cameras / microphone, let the Armadillo Armor block these sensors from being used - granting you peace of mind, while still allowing you to use them later on.


  • Fits Armadillo Phone 2 and Pixel 3A
  • Blocks front and back cameras
  • Blocks fingerprint sensor
  • Jams top and bottom microphones
  • Simple switch to control jamming
  • Provides protection against drops
  • External USB port to charge your device while your Armor is connected