Kelaghn Noy

Vancouver, Canada
Labeeb Mahmood

London, UK

We believe free and private speech is the most powerful force on the earth. But without the security to confidently back that up, it’s meaningless.

Armadillo Phone was created by Pacific Research Alliance . PRA is a collective of programmers, designers, security researchers and ordinary people concerned about privacy. The rise of surveillance capitalism, cybercrime, and state-sponsored attackers has hurt something we love: the Internet. We believe free and private speech is the most powerful force on the earth. But without the security to confidently back that up, it's meaningless. We believe encryption and decentralized systems can help save privacy, that's why we've engineered our company around them.

Privacy is a right many people can’t afford to lose. All over the world, criminals, stalkers, corporations and foreign governments are trying to spy on you. For some, a hacked phone could mean financial ruin, humiliation, violence or even death. Armadillo Phones have been deployed in many high-risk scenarios. Our software has been tested countless times both in the lab and by real attackers. Our clients include doctors, lawyers, academics, water treatment specialists, politicians, activists and businesses around the world.

We only develop defensive computer security technologies that help protect people and businesses. We've been making secure phones since 2014 and incorporated in 2016. Armadillo Phone 1 was launched 2017. Then in 2020 we launched Armadillo Phone 2. We take our customers security extremely seriously and in return they love our product. Businesses around the world trust their Armadillo Phones to protect them.

PRA is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. We celebrate Canada's rights and freedoms but realize many of our customers internationally aren't safe from legal discrimination on the basis of their race, gender, sexuality, religion or political beliefs. Even though end-to-end encryption renders us incapable of revealing a user’s data, we're encouraged that Canada's data privacy laws protect our users from illegal requests.

We don’t make fake claims about an “unhackable” phone, because any phone could be hacked.

We offer the next best thing: a phone designed to be attacked. Armadillo Phone 2 is the most secure smartphone you can buy. We offer high-quality customer support via encrypted communication, our website and in person. We’re an honest company backed by real people ready to defend your digital privacy.

- Kelaghn Noy, Founder