High Security SIM Cards

A secure device is important, but a reliable connection is equally vital for high-security communications. Armadillo SIM provides you with a high-security 4G internet connection in over 75 countries. Armadillo SIM roams on multiple carriers in every country, to provide you with the best possible coverage. For example, inside the USA this would include both AT&T and Verizon.

Although we assume all cellular networks are compromised, we still take network security seriously. We work closely with network operators and partners to ensure strong security at all stages of your connection. This includes mitigations against SS7 and cellular attacks. Your data is sent directly from the backbone cellular infrastructure to our network using an encrypted VPN connection.

We can provide you with your own private APN network, allowing you to control traffic before it exits to the internet, and block potentially harmful connections. For example, your SIM cards could only allow access to your website, or only allow access to IP addresses in North America. Using our upcoming Armadillo SIM control panel, you can set these firewall rules yourself using a simple web interface.


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