Block all external signals when your phone is not in use.

Armadillo Pouch is a faraday bag that stops all wireless signals (including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2G/3G/4G/5G and GPS). This is done by using a flexible shielded material to construct the bag. You can use an Armadillo Pouch to safely store your Armadillo Phone 2 or other electronics inside, without worrying if theyre sending data wirelessly. Placing a device inside will disconnect all devices from the internet and prevent them from receiving phone calls. Armadillo Pouch has a separate section that isnt shielded, so you can conveniently store both secure and insecure devices (that you want to remain connected) together.


  • Fits Armadillo Phone 2 and Pixel 3A
  • Width 30cm
  • Height 8cm
  • Depth 1cm
  • Weight 8oz